Custom fishing rods for ice and open water

Ice Fishing Rods



 The Power Pan blank is made of solid fiberglass.  This blank has a super sensitive tip and enough back bone to handle the biggest of slough sharks.  Great for panfish, but also is an excellent choice for finessing finicky walleyes and perch.  Use this to fish small lead and tungsten jigs or small spoons.  Also a great deadstick for waxies or maggots- no bobber required.  Available 24" to 36" 

King perch

 The King Perch is a solid carbon blank perfect for jigging walleye and perch. It is a moderate-fast action rod with medium light power.  This is a great rod to FEEL the lightest bites when fishing with tungsten jigs or lead jigs & lures from 1/16oz to 1/4oz.  Available 24" to 36". 

Eye candy

 The 'Eye Candy blank is solid carbon and soon to become your favorite walleye rod.  Perfect for everything from a jig to spoon or ripping lipless crankbaits, the ‘Eye Candy will help you ice more eyes this winter.  Available 26" to 36" 

tiger tamer

 The Tiger Tamer is a solid carbon multi purpose blank.  The super sensitive fast tip is soft enough to detect light bites and it quickly transitions to a solid backbone.  Designed for tungsten or lead jigs, small spoons and jigging Rapalas.  Available 26" to 34" 


 The W3 is an ultralite solid carbon blank.  This is a great bluegill or sunfish rod.  Also great for enticing tight lipped perch with small jigs. 


 The Greenback is a medium heavy solid carbon blank.  Perfect for fishing large lipless crankbaits for Lake Winnipeg Greenbacks.  Also a perfect choice for chasing Lake Trout with large baits.  Available 28" to 48"